Year 3

Comic Strips by 3P

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Year 3PG art-work By Natasha

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Recently class 3pg have been learning art.Hear are Some of the different pieces of art we  did:

We drew shapes over other shapes until it looked like an animal.Also we made colours go darker like a colour ladder.Another piece of art we did was shading. The last 3 things we did were expressions, clown caling and watercoloring.My favourite was the water colouring.My least favourite was the expressions because it took a long time.


A message to Year 3 from Year 4

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Year 4 is great! We wanted to give to tell Year 3 all about it…

When you learn about Rainforests you get to study lots of information and will know lots about different levels and animals.It was a fun topic.

You will go to the leisure centre for swimming.

In literacy we made our own playscripts and act them out.

We went to Houghton tower on a trip and dressed up.

Try and survive the Terrible Tudors as Henry 8th Is about!

At platimes you get to play on the lower playground which is better.

Make sure you do your homework!!!

You might do school linking nad go to other schools.


We had lots of fun hope you enjoy Year 4!




Beatrix Potter description of a character by Natasha.M

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                                                          Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit is a mystervious,yet cute rabbit who likes to munch on carrots.He has big,floppy ears and a bushy tail.Peter wears a blue waist coat with golden buttons and long sleeves.His fur is as soft as a dogs fur.He loved to eat  vegetables and his favorite are carrots and lettuce.He has a high-pitched voice.Peter doesn’t like being told of f by his mother for steeling veg from  Mr Magegers garden.His 3  brothers are Flopsy,Mopsy and cotton-tail. He is short-tempered  and gets angry.


Beatrix Potter description of a character

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      Sly squirrel 
As the disobedient squirrel approached the garden full of delicious tasty 
fresh nuts. I do start to wonder if thre are any nuts left on the old oak tree?
Then suddenly without warning a spike of a acorn shell landed on him ."YKES,
That hurt". The spike was as spikey as a thorn.Then he turned around... It was 
his mother."Its tme to come in"

"Oh what a long day" muttered mum as she was washing up the dishess. Squirrel
looked at the clock 6:30.


Beatrix Potter Description of a Character by Ella.s

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The young border collie is well behaved and loves to play.She is very clever and listens to every word you say but sometimes she go’s out of her mind and is really silly.The active sheepdog has microscopic brown eyes with miniaturesized paws with long claws to stop himself from casing webbed feet ducks.She has a wet nose that is as wet as a frog that just got out of a green mucky pond.The fast and slim border collie has soft silky fur and when she ran her fur swished tothe blow of the wind.Her idea of a fun day would be running around a field trying to catch ducks and squeeking her toy.





Beatrix Potter description of a characters by Dixie.P

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Peter Rabbit is a fluffy long eared rabbit with ears as soft as silk ,but at the same time also very ,very naughty.He has  a blue waistcoat as blue as the sea,and  vibrant yellow buttons as yellow as the sun.Peter also hops as mad as a kangeroo !He dislikes his two brothers and one sister who are called Flopsy,Mopsy and Cottontail.He lives in a cramped space.He has a prety pink nose and eyes as black as coal.


Beatrix potter discription of a charactor by Lily

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Mrs Tiddly Winkles

  • Mrs Tiddly Winkles is as prickly as a conker shell as she is a hedgehog.
  • She is like a washing lady because she cleans peoples clothes.
  • Her hat is as white as a snow leopard.
  • Her dress is as pink as candy floss and as green as a leaf.
  • Her apron is as yellow as the bright sun.
  • Also she has a an iron as shiny as a jewel.
  • Her nose is like a triangle.
  • Her claws are as sharp as knives.
  • Her personality is astonishing.
  • Her voice is high but when shes suspicious its low.
  • She walks slow as her pricklesr blows back.


Quest 2, by Darcey. (Continued)

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There was another sword that was a fake sword, the tree had gave me. So I pulled it out of his neck, pulled the tree up and set off. On my way back to the castle but there was a big storm and a monster that could turn you into stone infront of me. I wondered what to do so I got out my shimmering mirror and shot the power into his own eyes. As I set-sail again an octopus appeared and began squirting ink into my precious boat for three hours. We were surrounded by cold blooded sharks, they started eating the beautiful boat. We shot ours at them, then we had a sleep underneath the gleaming stars and we went fishing and we got some lovely fish for breakfast.

Finally we got home and my mum made me a welcome home party. We had delicious food, everybody was invited. Then an arrow shot through the window then a thousand other arrows shot through the windows. “WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!” bellowed everyone. And then they ran for their lives.


The pirate story

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One of the first islands I ever spotted was bubble bath bay I was up in the crow’s- nest when something landed on my face. At first I thought it was that pesky seagull, patch,flinging spit balls at me.But I soon realised patch was nowhere in sight.Thinking I was going mad Ipulled out my trusty spyglass and scanned the horizon,where I potted a trail of soap bubbles leading straight to a faraway island.

“sand ho!” I yelled.”I mean,land go!”

“Aargh,”Cap’n buck shouted back.”Ye mean land oh,ye sorry swashbuckler! which direction should we be sailin?”
“Due east,” I said. With a loud grunt ,cap’s buck turned the cloudy cloth clipper around on its keel. The ship turned so suddenly I nearly fell out of the crow’s-nest!Luckily the winds were plentiful that day and before long we reached the soapy shores of the mysterious Island.